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LHS Clubs & Activities

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Reach out to the student club leader with your lexingtonma.org email to get the meeting links. The contact info is on each club's page.

If there is an error on your club listing or you would like to update it, please fill out this google form: https://forms.gle/KppNdRiHX2kKErJ68.

Academic Decathalon

To introduce students to a broad range of knowledge and to prepare for a national competition.

6E5BE116-3423-4801-87FF-E6B948107E49 - Vidushi Meel

Aerospace Robotics Team

Competes in aerospace and robotics competitions and learns about pertinent topics such as artificial intelligence, principles of aerodynamics, and programming

Amnesty International Club

Promote social justice by bringing attention to human rights violations

Armenian Club

We work to raise awareness for current events in Armenia, organize fundraisers and donate to funds for Armenian relief, attend protests with AYF (Armenian Youth Federation) and other Armenian clubs in nearby schools. We are moving to work this year to find ways to aid Armenia in its current conflict.

Asian Student Union

Asian Student Union is a great community and a safe space to celebrate and discuss Asian heritage and culture. Our biggest event, Asian Night, fundraises for various charities each year and we’ll be working to hold a virtual this year. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Badminton Club (Birdie Buddies)

To learn tips and tricks for badminton while having fun! We will have a contest which will include other games like Kahoot, UNO, and other games. The winner will get a prize! There will be plenty of time to chill, socialize and have fun!

Bee Keepers Club

To bring awareness to the worldwide threat on pollinators. Environmental science on honeybees and conservation of the species.

Bewitched Bookworm Club

Do you consider yourself a Bookworm? Prefer fantasy lands over the real world? Then join the Bewitched Bookworms! Together we read fantasy books and meet up to discuss characters, plot twists, and conflicts. Open to all grades and recommendations.

Biology Club

The purpose of our club is to spark interest in kids who are passionate about Biology. We will use online slides based on a Campbell Biology textbook to teach biology concepts. Additionally, we plan to incorporate games like Kahoot and Quizlet in our club to make it more fun. We also might do some experiments online where one person is carrying out the experiment while the others watch(this is probably going to be in the future).

Bullet Journal Club

To allow students to destress, get organized, and have fun while bullet journaling and hanging out in a relaxed atmosphere where anyone can feel like they belong no matter their skill level in art and illustration.

Chinese Senior English Academy

To teach basic English to Chinese seniors of Lexington so they may be less reliant on their children.

coding tutors - Rachel LeBlanc

Coding Tutors Club

This is a club that allows for high school kids who enjoy coding to help introduce coding to younger children in elementary school from grades 3-5. It is a chance for people to try being teachers and get a chance to develop a group curriculum. Members will work with kids in group sessions to teach them the fundamentals of programming.

Computational Linguistics Club

To prepare students for the North American Computational LInguistics Olympiad and explore interesting topics related to linguistics.

Costumes Team

We make the costumes for the play and musical

Creative Writing Club

To have fun and improve writing skills by exploring and sharing different aspects of creative writing. Students enjoy discussing topics related to writing and helping each other strengthen writing skills.


DECA is an international business and marketing competition that prepares high school students for their future. During our meetings we will prepare for tournaments and other events. Tournaments will be held online this year but we hope to go in person someday.

Drama Club

Students can learn and practice dramatic techniques in a welcoming, playful environment.

Entrepreneurship Competition Club

To prepare students to create a business concept for the Blue Ocean Entrepreneurship Competition, where teams use their creative minds and research skills to create a pitch, receive feedback, and win prizes.

Ethical Reasoning Club

Discuss an array of ethical questions, practicing argument skills in preparation for the annual team Ethics Bowl hosted by Tufts University in February

Fencing Club

Foster a deep interest in the sport of fencing, teaching fundamentals and techniques. Welcoming all skill levels.

French Club

To explore Francophone cultures and speak French

Futures in Medicine

To provide students with insight into careers in the medical field.

Girl Up

Girl Up is a United Nations foundation that raises awareness and funds regarding equal opportunities for underprivileged, adolescent girls from developing countries. Our job in this club would be to campaign, educate and fundraise for this amazing cause. We will organize events to educate the people in our community, advocate to change the world, empower girls and motivate them to stand up for each other. This club is for all genders.

Global Citizens Corps

Global Citizens Corps is a club that typically goes to Harvard Square every Friday and serves food to those in need. Understanding the situation during this school year, we will be mainly fundraising and working on care packages to give to the homeless in Harvard/Boston Area. The club this year will not mandate that students go into Harvard Square to give out the care packages but instead would help make care packages.

Helping Hands

The purpose of the club is to educate students about countries that have a large population of orphans and find ways to help, whether that be donating money, running food/toy drives, or connecting with orphans through letters

Helping Homeless

Our goal is to raise awareness and take against homelessness in the US. We raise money for the shelter Rosie’s place.

History Club (LHS)

History club is a place for history enthusiasts to gather and discuss historical and current events. Last year, we played history versions of Who’s the Spy, watched film about Rwanda genocide, and conducted research with Boston archivists. Join if you want to learn history outside of the traditional curriculum!

Home Economics

To learn and explore fundamental skills for life after high school.

Humans of LHS

Humans of LHS provides a chance for LHS to come together as a community by allowing a range of diverse students and faculty present their stories via pictures and ideas.

Indian Americans of Lexington (IAL)

To create a stronger sense of identity and community within the Indian youth.

Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 1.45.24 PM - David Walsh

International Religions Club

To engender a fair trade of cultural and religious ideas from several perspectives.

Italian Club

to create a community of students interested in exploring Italian culture and language.

Keeping up with the Current

To meet, update, and discuss the latest current events in regards to politics, sports, entertainment, etc in an open and safe environment while also providing an outlet for intersectional debate about important controversies

Lex Stop Hunger

Lex Stop Hunger is a club that focuses on raising money to help feed hungry children in America. According to Feeding America, 18 million children in the United States will experience food insecurity this year. By raising $1,000, we can cover the cost of 10,000 meals. Please join us in the fight against child hunger!

Lexington Environmental & Agricultural Foundation (L.E.A.F. )

The purpose of this club is to educate and work towards a more sustainable future. We have a plot in the community garden, among other things, and share the produce with local food banks. (Formerly SAFE)

Lexington Says #Enough

To work to prevent gun violence by engaging with the community, motivating students to pre-register to vote and taking action to support sensible gun legislation.


LexPerform Club will look to bring together students interested in vocal performance and development. Members will work to become not just great singers, but appreciated performers. Centered around participation in vocal competitions, appliance to musical scholarships and performance in front of live audiences, this club will help build confidence in students as singers both emotionally and technically.

LHS Chat

The LHSchat club, in association with LexChat, will be hosting a series of virtual events (1 per month) encouraging LHS to engage in thoughtful, productive conversations around race, racism, and social justice. The LHSchat club will be a group of teacher and student organizers who are trained to set up and facilitate these virtual events.

Make Lex Green

To spearhead initiatives to make LHS and Lexington more environmentally friendly.

Math History Club

To explore the origin of math and when certain aspects were introduced.

Minecraft Club

To discuss the wonders of Minecraft and to create a community of gamers.

Model UN

Focuses on both human/humanitarian and political aspects of international relations

Music Discussion Club

Music Discussion Club centers around being able to discuss, discover, and enjoy music in a safe environment. Each week members will listen to an album chosen the week before and then we will have an open discussion about it as well as what the members are interested in talking about.

National Art Honor Society

To promote leadership opportunities in the visuals arts here at LHS and to participate in visual arts outreach programs in the community.

National Ocean Sciences Bowl

A competitive buzzer- based competition revolving around the topic of ocean sciences.

Ocean Club

To spread awareness and appreciation for the world's oceans.

Origami Club

A relaxing, social, paper-folding group of companions that you can join on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30 every week! Regardless of your age, artistic skills, and even energy level, origami club is for you...

Pen Pals with Seniors Club

This club will connect LHS students with senior citizens in Lexington and provide opportunities to communicate via Zoom or snail mail.

Photography Club (LHS)

Students share their photos and work together to improve their art.

Power of Positivity Club

To make the lives of others in the community better through various projects, and to find ways to bring more happiness into our own lives with a focus on positivity and kindness.

Race Amity Club

We strive to create a welcoming space to discuss racial and identity issues and inspire members to take direct action to reduce racial injustices.

Read Out Loud

To read and record selections from teachers for students who cannot look at the screen temporarily, or who prefer audio readings.

Refugee Alliance

Our club’s purpose is to educate our community about refugees and support them through drives, fundraisers, and volunteering.

SADD- Students Against Destructive Decisions

SADD stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions. We work to empower young people and promote making positive life decisions through a variety of events and initiatives. Through SADD and Prevention you can be a leader at LHS and you help make a significant difference in the Lexington schools and community!

School Hype Squad

To encourage school unity by bringing students together to support each other and the LHS school community. In the past, we have planned a range of events during different I Blocks throughout the year such as game shows and also planned the school pep rally. We are open to how we may build community remotely and in person this year.

Senior Pals Club

To plan ways to provide companionship to Alzheimer's patients at the Veteran's Hospital in Bedford and form new connections with these veterans through music, games, and conversation.

Sources of Strength

Our mission is to spread Hope, Help, and Strength into every corner of our community and to help students turn to their strengths and their supports that are all around.


To provide 4th and 5th graders at Hastings opportunities to expand their knowledge of science and engineering.

Student Democrats

To alert students of opportunities within the Democratic Party and the Massachusetts High School Democrats, to engage with and spread awareness about political issues and work with the community to enact policies around them.

Tabletop Gaming

We play Dungeons and Dragons, and Magic the Gathering. Players of all experience levels are welcome.

The Musket

The Musket is our school's newspaper! Students publish news stories and columns, reporting and commenting on both events within our school and on the way in which our community intersects with larger societal news.


To spread awareness, fundraise, participate in community service, advocate, and more to support UNICEF USA. This work will aid UNICEF, the initiatives of which will benefit the survival, protection, and development of children in over 190 countries.

Virtual Vacations

Missed traveling this year? You can travel from the comfort of your home and learn about different historical sites, cultures, and natural wonders through Google Earth! Join us to explore the world's marvels and hidden secrets every other week!

Watch Club

To increase knowledge and appreciation for haute watchmaking.

Youth Movement Against Alzheimer's

To expand this nationwide non-profit organization to LHS and raise awareness of this issue.

image - Bryce Spalding

Academic Outreach Club

Tutoring middle school students and helping them with their homework.

American Chemical Society Club

To provide opportunities to learn and practice chemistry, and to pursue connections within the chemical community.

Anime Club

We gather to watch anime, play anime Kahoots and anime Jeopardies and have a lot of fun! Everything anime all in one place!

Artificial Intelligence Club

To form a community of students who are interested in AI or programming to discuss and collaborate with peers.

Astronomy Club

To bring students together with a shared love of astronomy and the desire to learn more about it through guest speakers and group discussions.

Beaver Works Engineering Club

To cultivate future engineers and leaders.

Best Buddies

Lexington High School's chapter of the national organization, Best Buddies, that focuses on building friendships and promoting inclusion along the way.

Bhangra Team

The LHS Bhangra Team is an Indian dance group— bhangra is a dance form that originated from Punjab, India, and is known for its upbeat and energetic style. In addition to bhangra, we do fusion of bollywood and hip-hop dance styles. Don’t worry if you don’t have prior experience in bhangra, we’re all here because we want to dance and have fun!

Bollywood Club

To bring together people with a common interest in Bollywood movies and watch movies as a group.

Chess Club

This is a club for playing and learning about chess. We will hold weekly lectures followed by gameplay in addition to monthly tournaments. We will also try to host presentations by chess masters in order to enhance our playing. All skill levels are welcome.

Christian Club

"To create a Christian community that welcomes Christians and non-Christians. To explore beliefs, support one another in prayer & fellowship & serve those in need."

Community Clean Up and Composting

Taking action against the climate crisis through affecting change from within our own communities.

Computer Science Club

To learn about various computer science topics through discussions and projects, and participate in computer science-related competitions.

Screen Shot 2020-10-11 at 2.30.51 PM - Alexandra Lonardo

Conservation Club

To spend time outdoors working to preserve Lexington's conservation land.

Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 5.56.40 PM - Alyssa Creney

Cradles to Crayons

Our Mission: Cradles to Crayons provides children from birth through age 12, living in homeless or low-income situations, with the essential items they need to thrive – at home, at school and at play. We supply these items free of charge by engaging and connecting communities Our Vision: One day every child will have the essentials they need to feel safe, warm, ready to learn, and valued.

Debate Club

Students participating in the club will engage in regular debates and other speaking activities, covering a host of contemporary topics. Several members of our Varsity Debate Team work with students in the Club.

Dollars and Sense Club

We'll learn about the stock market and how to pick stocks by using online resources. We'll also have monthly stock picking competitions.

Economics Club

To study economics, participate in simulations and interesting activities, and to prepare for spring economics competitions such as the Harvard Economics Challenge and the National Economics Challenge.


Environmentally themed Science department team. Competes at state and national levels

Fashion & Expression Club

To bring together people with an appreciation for fashion and music, as well as other forms of expression.

Film Analysis Club

The Film Analysis club is a fun, chill place where students will watch moves/TV shows and have group discussions where they talk about the techniques used to create the theme and messages in the film. Dim the lights and bring your popcorn, blankets, and whatever you need to make yourself comfy!

Futures in Biology Club

The purpose of our club is to share STEM related occupations and majors that club members would be interested in. Many students at LHS enjoy STEM related activities, and this club will help guide them onto a path they may want to pursue in their future that they are not currently aware of.

Gender & Sexuality Alliance

A support, education, advocacy, and discussion grp for LHS students and adults concerned about issues impacting queer people, their families and their allies.

Girls; I Me You We

"GIRLS; I Me You We" was created in hopes to bring girls together, not through their hobbies or backgrounds but bring them together as they are. The whole purpose of this group is to ultimately empower girls to know what they want for them & their future, to widen their perspectives to learn and live a deeper life, and simply to enjoy “right now”.

Health and Awareness.

To bring together a group of students who are interested in making flyers/posters with quotes and sayings that will help everyone stay optimistic and overlook this challenging time.

Hip Hop Dance Club

To provide an outlet for people who want to learn hip hop and other dance styles, without any judgement. No dance background needed! (formerly "Urban Dance Club")

History/Quiz Bowl

Teams compete head-to-head to answer questions from all areas of knowledge, including history, literature, science, fine arts, current events, popular culture, sports, and more.


HOSA is a club for those interested in future careers as healthcare professionals. The clubs purpose is to prepare for a state competition in March, and expose students to healthcare careers.

Illustration Club

To develop drawing skills and to give honest and constructive art critiques

International Hunger Club

Our club aims to raise money to donate to international food banks such as the Lebanese, Bangladesh, and Indian food banks. We would be fundraising by selling homemade masks and hosting bake sales.

Invention Club

Invention Club is a place for students who are interested in making the world a better place through inventions. Students will learn how to bring their ideas to life through the use of the engineering design process, learning about patents, and computer-aided design software. They will be challenged to create their own invention, pitch it, and then file a mock patent application for it.

Investment Club

The Investment Club aims to to educate LHS students in finance and investment. To achieve this, we will bring in finance professionals to share their knowledge and experience, as well as using virtual stock market simulations and creating portfolio management competitions.

K-pop Dance Club

"We are a club that does k-pop dance covers during our meetings. Our meetings are on Fridays from 1-2pm and we prepare for performances in groups. Generally, we work towards performing at Asian Night, but we are not sure about the details this year."

League of Legends Club

To bring people together to play League of Legends.

Lexington Dance Company

To choreograph and practice original contemporary, hip hop, jazz, ballet, and other types of dance routines for performances.

Lexington Perspectives (Lexspects)

Lexspects is the LHS social and political issues online publication. No journalism experience required. Please join if you love writing and care about social issues!


We aim to learn and discuss advanced applications of computer science on mathematics, such as data analysis, experimental physics simulation, and mathematical modeling. Furthermore, we will participate in many competitions like Hackathons, and even host our own competition, Lexington Informatics Tournament. Although you do not need to be an expert on programming, we do require members to have some familiarity with programming, such as understanding loops, functions, and arrays."

LexRobotics Club

Learn about robotics and engineering.

LHS Student Faculty Senate

Student leadership and policy creation

Math Club/Team

Meet to have fun doing math together and optionally compete at state and national levels.

Medical Club

The purpose of the Medical Club is to meet healthcare professionals, learn about new research in medicine, explore possible career paths, and participate in ethical debates.

Mock Trial Club

A simulation of a real court trial where students get to portray lawyers and/or witnesses and compete against other schools to fight imaginary cases provided by the Massachusetts Bar Association.

Music Club

We want to build a community of people who are interested in music such as classical, jazz, traditional music, folk- anything! As a group, we seek to discuss our experience as music-lovers or musicians, share musical pieces that we like, provide low-stress performance opportunities, give constructive musical feedback on said practice performances, etc. If the club grows significantly, we could also perform virtual non-profit recitals and donate the proceeds to a charity!

Musical Outreach Collaboration

To provide a space for instrument players to work together and participate in community service opportunities!

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization devoted to acknowledging high school students who have excelled in four characteristics during their high school years. These four characteristics are Leadership, Service, Character, and Scholarship. NHS members make every effort to work for the betterment of their community.

Neuroscience & Psychology Club

Teach students, raise awareness and prepare for competitions in the field of neuroscience and psychology

Open Door Arts Club (ODA)

"We play music to raise awareness and funds for Open Door Arts (ODA), a nonprofit organization that provides opportunities in art to children with disabilities.

Peer Support During Pandemic

The purpose of PSDP is to check in with each other, express ideas on current events in the community and how they impact us, share resources for stress-relief, play games together such as Among Us, and build relationships.

Philosophy and Politics Club

To help high school students broaden their understanding of philosophy and politics, while providing space for open minded discussions.

Pop Culture Club

If you need tips on becoming the next Charli D’amelio or you are just ready to climb out from the rock you are living under, join Pop Culture Club! We will watch, enjoy, and discuss a wide range of topics including: music, movies, TV shows, books, celebrities, foods, trends, or even conspiracy theories!

Presents for Patients

Our goal as a club is to make the kids at the Newton-Wellesley Children's hospital smile when they receive the toys donated by us this holiday season! As a collective, we will work towards collecting enough toys to give to these kids by fundraising, marketing, and hosting drives.

REACH for a Second Step

Our club's mission is to connect students with a passion for community service by raising money for two nonprofits that provide support for domestic abuse survivors.

Red Cross

To promote the mission of the Red Cross; to prevent and alleviate human suffering through activism within our community.

Research Club

To learn how to go through the research process, from making hypotheses, to testing them, to gathering, interpreting, and analyzing data, and how to write it up in a paper. There will be some speakers who conduct research and can talk about their experiences in research as well as answer any questions you might have.

SAT Prep Club

Helping students prepare for the SAT through different activities, events, and discussions.

Science Olympiad

To expand participants knowledge and enjoyment in different fields of science including specific areas of biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science and engineering. Participants work collaboratively to prepare for tournaments.

Songwriting club

For students who are interested in any kind of songwriting to get together, share ideas, and make music.

Spanish Club

To connect people with a love for the Spanish language and Hispanic culture. Our goal is to practice Spanish, delve into the Latin American culture, and even discover differences between idiomatic expressions or accents in different Spanish speaking countries.


Steminists is a safe space for female and non-binary students to discuss gender issues in stem! In addition, we’ll be having movie nights and guest speakers.

Sunrise Lexington

The Sunrise Movement is a movement of young people to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. Here in Sunrise Lexington, we use non-violent direct action to bring the changes we want to see in Lexington, such as declaring a climate emergency and bringing us closer to net zero. We are the majority, and we will win.

Tech Crew

Create and run all LHS theatrical productions and other events.

Think Pink Club

To raise awareness and money for breast cancer and other cancers.

Video Game Design Club

This club is for anyone who has skills or interest in game development. Whether you're interested in level design, sound design, coding, and anything in between, this club is for you. This will be a space for members to share their ideas and skills related to game development. No experience necessary!

Virtuosi x Lexington

Virtuosi x Lexington is the Lexington chapter of Virtuosi Music Mentorship, a program that provides free, virtual music mentorship sessions for young musicians through high school/college volunteers. Aside from lessons, we also hold virtual classes and recitals, and offer community service hours for mentors. But these hours are not the goal - we uphold our mission to share our stories as performers, give advice, and most importantly, guide and help younger musicians who wish to further their musical journeys during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond in every way possible.

Young African American Leadership Association (Y.A.A.L.A)

To create a safe space for students of color to openly discuss personal experiences and microaggressions at the school.