Origami Club

Advisor: Tracy, Michaela – mtracy@lexingtonma.org

Description: A relaxing, social, paper-folding group of companions that you can join on Fridays from 3:30-4:30 every week! Regardless of your age, artistic skills, and even energy level, origami club is for you. We welcome beginners, experts, freshmen, and seniors; anyone can hop in at any time, so don’t worry about making every meeting. The best part of origami club? Learning to make origami! Discover a great way to make use of free time and add decorations to cards or your home. Display and share your greatest creations with a group of other enthusiasts. Don’t forget to bring your friends along.

Student Club Leaders: Julian Han and Vera Choi

Day and Time of Meeting: Fridays 3:10-4:30pm in room 819